Peaceful place in the hot spring town (Jyouraku-ji temple / 常楽寺, Bessyo Onsen / 別所温泉)

After visiting Anraku-ji temple, I went down the hill and went back to town.
In the middle of this town, there is a temple named Jyouraku-ji temple(常楽寺).

Around the temple, there are some hotels and Ryokans.
This area is called Bessyo Onsen (温泉).

There are many souvenir shops in the street which goes to Jyouraku-ji temple.

The Rice cookies sold at the souvenir shop.

It says "Kousen Senbei (鉱泉せんべい)".

This rice cookie is little sweet, thin type. It matches Japanese green tea.
If you have a chance, you should try. I recommend them.
(I'm eating this now, writing this blog.)

At the entrance, a man was washing his hand and mouth.

Last weekend, I watched a classic movie, "Around the world in 80 days."
In this movie, there was a scene which the characters visiting Japan, and using this kind of fountain at the temple.

In this movie, it maybe difficult for them though, but their manner were wrong.
They were drinking water using ladle.

People must not put their mouth directly on the ladle.
The correct manner when you clean your mouth at the fountain is, pour the water once in your hand, and bring it to the mouth.

This man was just doing it in correct manners.

Walking for few meters, I reached a bell tower.

This temple is not so large, but the design and layouts of the building is so beautiful.
In front of the bell tower, there were small temple building.

It is said that this temple was first built 1200 years ago, but burned three times.
The building which we can see is built 200 years ago.

This temple has other name. It is "Kita-muki-Kannon (北向観音)."
It means "Goddes Kannon facing north side."

Ancient people were watching the stars, and in north sky, they were watching Big Dipper.
Those people wished the lucky to come from Big Dipper in the north side, and settled statue of Kannon facing north side.

I couldn't see the statue, but I think it is in this main temple.

Inside of the temple was like this. Maybe she, the statue was here.

Stepping out the main temple, the sight was like this.
I really like this temple's layout. It was like miniature old town.

Going inner part, there were unique building.

As it was settled in the high place, people can't get inside.
I think this building is used only when having a special kind of festival.

If I can climb up this building, I could see all around the town.

The sun is coming down, and its getting cold.
It's good idea for taking a bath at hot spring.

To tell the truth, I went two kinds of hot spring this day.
Both was amazing.

I will introduce one of them later in few days.

Thank you for reading!!
Good night!

別所温泉, 北向観音, 常楽寺, 秋, 上田