Playing with fallen leaves (Okamiya-shrine/岡宮神社)

This day, I had no plan to do.
Just getting on a bicycle in the morning, started cycling.

I came across to a shrine, which I may not notice if I was using a car.

The shrine's name was Okamiya-shrine (岡宮神社).

I decided to stay here for a while to take pictures.

It may be not bad playing here.

The shrine was covered with fallen leaves.
Lot's of leaves were fallen, but the trees were still colorful.

As the wind was strong, leaves were flying in the sky.
It was like a leave storm!

The shrine was also beautiful with it self.
Shinto priest, we call Kannusi-sama (神主様), might be cleaning the road everyday.
Road was clean, and the garden was like a carpet of fallen leaves.

The back yard was like this.
Small shrine and some garden lanterns made of stone where there.

It was good chance to know that there are many beautiful places near me.
It's fun going out for a trip, but sometimes I will take a bicycle.

Thank you for reading.
It's one more day to go for a weekend!

Good night!

松本, 岡宮神社, 秋, 灯篭

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