Craft fair Matsumoto 2015 vol.3 (Matsumoto / 松本)

Crafts fair was held for 3days, from May 29th through 31st, it
was all fine sunny days.

I introduced several animal crafts yesterday, the best I liked
was a fox made of glass.

As I'm writing about Inari-shrines and foxes, it maybe seem that
I like foxes particularly, but I met the craft by chance.

I liked his face. Don't you think he has kind and tender face?

The auther was also kindly faced lady.
Other crafts were beautiful, too.

I also saw a lot of "Fu-rin" there, too.

We use Fu-rin at summer time. We thinks the sounds they makes us
feel cool and fresh.

It's getting hot and Summer is coming near.
If you are interested in the crafts, please come and visit Matsumoto.

The craft fair is held every year, at end of the May!!
As people are coming from all places in Japan for this fair, so I
recommend you to reserve the hotel soon.
(I heard that hotel's reservation starts a year before for this period)