Twisting the cloth for Kimono around the people (In a man model) vol.1

As a part of craft fair, I viewed a performance done by an artist who creates the cloth for Kimono.

Usually, cloth for Kimono are made of silk and cotton, he sometime selects the cloth made of paper.

The artist's name is Tadashi Maruyama

His performance is not wearing Kimono in formal ways, but twisting the cloth to people.
He is doing the performance to show the cloth's appearance of solidity.

In the music of violin, the performance proceeded in quiet and peaceful

The shadows of the cloth were beautiful.

The model was also seemed really handsome and characteristic man, but
I heard that he is not a professional. He is doing other job, and just done model for this day only.

It seemed he is wearing Kimono in formal way.

At behind side, the clothes were twisted intricately.

I will show remained pictures next time!