Twisting the cloth for Kimono around the people (In a woman model) vol.3

The cloudy and rainy days continues here in Japan.
This rainy season is called "Tsuyu".

Soon after the Tsuyu passes, the Summer comes.
How is the weather in your country?

Today, I will introduce the last picture of twisting performance.

The performance proceed to artificial way.

Her shoulder is shown, and clothes are twisted to her legs.

In a short time, the style changed so much.
I thought that she looks like elf in Japan.

Mr. Maruyama signed his signature and dates to the cloth, and performance had ended.
What he said were to see the stitchwork work on the cloth and the shadow of wrinkles on cloth.

Mr. Maruyama told her to turn around once.

Not only an elf, I also thought Buddhist goddess, Kannon sama.
Both she and performance were beautiful.

Thank you for reading my blog to the last!!