Legend of Hayataro, the dog which fought with beasts vol.2 (Kouzen-ji temple / 光前寺, Nagano / 長野)

After 700 years had past, Hayataro is still loved by the people.
You can see a lot of monuments for Hayataro in Kouzenji-temple.

This tower there is a words written "For the memory of Hayataro, after his  death 600 years."
It means that this tower is built 100 years ago.

This wood carving statue seemed old, but I couldn't know when it was made.
It looked real and strong. 

This statue of stone is also seems settled here for long and long times.

It seems that Hayataro is still there, and caring about the village people.

Next to the main temple, there is small museum.
At the end of museum, you will see Buddhist script.
It is sent to Hayataro with thanks for defeating the beasts.

This script was written by the priest who took Hayataro to the temple near the sea.
He may felt really sorry for Hayataro's death.
After 700 years past, it still can read clearly.

I had small snack and tea at the museum.

There was a picture of Hayataro in the teacup.

At the souvenir shop, I bought fortune telling doll.
In Hayataro's doll, fortune telling paper inside. It is like fortune cookie.

I took small but strong guardian to my house :)

Thank you for reading again.
Have a nice weekend!!