Have a delicious tea and sweets in rainy days (Kaiun-do / 開運堂, Matsumoto / 松本)

As it is Tsuyu-season in Japan, the rainy days continues.
It's not bad to stay in the house, watching favorite movies, and have nice tea and tasty sweets.

I usually like having coffee, but today, I had Japanese tea and Japanese sweets, "Wagashi".
Wagashi are made in delicate work of art. The wagashi I had today was made like flower, hydrangea.

You can see hydrangea everywhere in Japan.
It is beautiful in the rainy atmosphere.

This is tea leaf pod.
Prepare the nice tea first.

This is wagashi made of "anko", made of azuki beans. This beans is quite famous in Japan.

It looks like this inside.

There was anko also inside of this flower-like sweets.

Please try wagashi, if you visit Japan!!
You will see this wagashi at the shop named "Kaiun-do" in Matsumoto.

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