Legend of Hayataro, the dog which fought with beasts vol.3 (Kouzen-ji temple / 光前寺, Nagano / 長野)

As Kouzenji-temple is placed at  the foot of mountain, it is little difficult to visit.
From Komagane station,the nearest train station, you need to take a bus or taxi.

Using bus, take Komagatake ropeway line about 10 minutes and get off at Kiriishi Kouen mae bus top. From the bus stop, 15 minutes walk will take you to Kouzenji-temple.
If you are traveler from abroad, I will recommend using a taxi to save time.

After you path through the gate, you will see beautiful green lights between the leaves.

Not only Hayataro legend, Kouzenji-temple is worthless to visit.
The buildings are so old but beautiful, and there are lots of artistic Buddhist objects.

This Buddha statue is carved to small wood piece sized an inch.

These gold colored tools are called "Dokko", called "Vajra" in India.

I searched about these tools and knew that they are weapons for the gods of Buddhist.
If it has one knife, it is called "Dokkosyo".
If it have two knives, it is called "Sankosyo".
If it have five knives, it is called "Gokosyo".

The explanation said that "If you touch this Gokosyo, you can purify the evils".

The garden is so beautiful. I thought that I can stay for a day just sitting veranda.

I like the green colored leaves in the Spring and Summer, but I think this place is also more beautiful in Autumn.

I would like to come back here in Autumn season, too.

Thank you for reading!
See you :)

光前寺, 早太郎, 駒ヶ根